Making a claim

How do I claim a gift?

To claim a free Sony gift you will need to have purchased a qualifying Sony Xperia Handset from a participating retailer between selected promotional dates.

The full terms and conditions for each offer can be found by clicking the “Terms and Conditions” button in the footer of each offer.

Once you have received your new Xperia device, you can visit www.xperiarewards.co.uk and submit a claim, providing your IMEI number and uploading a copy of your receipt.

Once we receive your claim, we'll let you know within 21 - 45 working days (depending on retailer) whether your claim has been approved.

You'll receive your gift within 28 - 45 working days (depending on retailer) of your claim being approved to the address you have provided.

You can check how your claim's progressing any time you like on the Track My Claim page.

Who can claim a gift?

Our offers are open to UK residents who have purchased a qualifying Sony Xperia handset from a participating UK retailer. Employees or family members of employees, participating retailers or anybody else involved in the promotion are excluded from entering.

Consumers have to be over 18 years of age at the point they purchase the handset.

When can I claim?

As soon as you have received your new Sony Xperia handset and have the IMEI number along with valid paperwork, you can claim your free Sony gift.

Note that each offer has a closing date for purchases and a closing date for claims. Please ensure to claim within the dates shown otherwise we will not be able to fulfil your gift.

My device is on pre-order / back-order, how can I claim?

As long as you have purchased your device within the promotional dates outlined in the T&Cs, then there is nothing to worry about. Once you receive your new Sony Xperia handset and have the IMEI and proof of purchase, submit a claim.

If the device is on back-order and you receive it after the promotional closing date, then please contact us and we will review as an exception.

How do I upload my order confirmation or store receipt?

During the claim process, you'll be asked to upload a digital copy of your entire order confirmation or store receipt. How you do this depends on the type of proof of purchase you want to upload and the device you're using to make your claim.

Note that proof of purchase must have the following information clearly visible:

  • Product purchased
  • Retailer name or logo
  • Purchase date

If you made your purchase online or via a call centre, then your order confirmation will have been sent to you by email. Simply screenshot this and upload.

Alternatively, you can save the entire email as a PDF. You can usually do this by selecting Print then Save as PDF. You can then upload the PDF file to your claim.

If you purchased in-store, then you’ll need to upload a copy of the physical receipt by taking a picture using your mobile phone or tablet and upload the image straight from your picture library.

To upload your order confirmation or store receipt, click Upload then simply find and select the image or PDF file you'd like to upload. You can select more than one document if you like. Note if you’ve uploaded the wrong file, you can simply click on the x button on the thumbnail to remove it and re-upload a new file.

The website will accept the following file types, up to 20mb per file, JPG, PNG and PDF files. You can upload up to 5 files on your claim.

Claim in progress

I’ve received an email saying my claim is pending?

If there is an issue with the information you have supplied on your claim we will email you and let you know and also provide you with details on how to rectify this (please keep an eye on junk folders and spam filters).

  • IMEI number incorrect – this is a 15-digit number unique to every handset. We may ask you to resubmit if this doesn’t match our records.
  • Paperwork incomplete – the image you have uploaded of your paperwork is illegible or does not show the whole receipt. Please re-copy your receipt and reply to the email with the new receipt image, making sure the whole receipt is legible and complete.
  • Date or model missing – please make sure the receipt paperwork you have selected to upload contains the date of purchase and the Xperia model purchased, it is not, for instance, an advice note that your handset is due to be delivered on a given date, or the box etc. You will need to re-claim with correct, valid paperwork as above.
  • Name / Address not a match – the consumer whose name and address are on the receipt is the only person entitled to claim and claim the free gift, so they will need to claim in their own name, otherwise the claim is invalid.

Any information needs to be received before the close date.

I’ve received an email saying my claim is invalid is there anything I can do?

If your claim has been rejected as being invalid it is likely to be for one of the following reasons:

  • Purchase outside offer dates
  • Handset already claimed on
  • Handset not from qualifying retailer
  • Qualifying handset not purchased
  • Handset returned according to the retailer / manufacturer
  • You have already claimed a valid claim and the offer is limited to strictly one per person.

If you believe this to be incorrect, please contact us and we will look into this for you.

I’ve received an email saying my claim is valid (pending final approval) what happens next?

If your paperwork and IMEI number are valid for the offer, you will receive an email usually within 21 - 45 working days (depending on retailer) of claim letting you know. Your gift will be dispatched within 28 - 45 working days (depending on retailer) of a valid claim.

You will receive notification that your gift is on the way to you, how it has been dispatched (courier, Royal Mail etc) and the tracking number so you can follow its journey.

I’ve not received an email, how can I check the status of my claim?

You can get an update on the progress of your claim any time you like on the Track My Claim page. Simply enter your Claim ID (this is 10 characters made up of letters and numbers emailed to you) to see your claim details.

If your status is showing Claim received, we're busy reviewing your submission and will let you know if we need any more information from you.

If your status is showing Claim valid, all you need to do is wait while we get your gift ready to send.

If your status is showing Claim invalid, we'll let you know via email what further information we need to process your claim. You'll need to get this information to us within 7 working days from the date you received this email. If you don't, your claim will be automatically cancelled.

If your status is showing Gift Dispatched, your gift has been sent and is on the way to you. Click here to track it.

Questions about my gift

You’ve notified me my gift is in transit, can I track its delivery?

Visit Track My Claim and enter your Claim ID (this is 10 characters made up of letters and numbers). If your tracking number is available, click the link to track it.

How do I get an invoice to register the warranty for my free gift?

Every Sony item is guaranteed under warranty for 12 months. Once you receive your Sony gift, please visit https://www.sony.co.uk/mysony/product/register to register your product.

If you have any issues registering your Sony product, please refer to https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/articles/00155053.

For any product related queries or issues with registration, you can contact the Sony Customer information Centre on 0207 365 2810 or visit Get in touch (sony.co.uk).

Can I change the shipping address for the free gift?

Generally the answer is no, but if you need to change the delivery address please contact us and we’ll see what’s possible.